This is what you just might see in Korea

Looking for an interesting place to visit? Korea really is a ‘cute’ country a lot of the time. There are cartoon characters everywhere, the kids are the cutest in the world and the police force are even getting in to the ‘cute’ scene. I was... read more

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2013

As spring is felt all across the Korean peninsula, excitement is building for the many spring time festivals that will be held around the country. The Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA) has released the much awaited information about this year’s cherry... read more

Cherry Blossom Festivals in Korea 2013

    Spring is one of the best seasons in Korea, and they have many spring festivals to prove it. The cherry blossoms are all out and people start to shed those winter layers. Spring here in Korea is brilliant, because it means that those cold winter days are... read more

The Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum

The Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum is quite an interesting place to visit if you are in or around Daegu. It is a Korean brassware museum, and there are at least 1 489 pieces in the museum. It’s located north of Daegu in the foothills of Palgongsan and is surrounded by... read more

Gyeongju Cherry Marathon 2013

One of Korea’s most popular spring marathons is almost here. The 2013 Gyeongju Cherry Marathon will take place on Saturday, April 13th 2013. There are several different races that you can take part in, and they are a full marathon (42 km) a half marathon (21 km)... read more

Oh yeah! I’m going to learn Korean for free!

  Just a quick heads up – I have just found what looks to be a FANTASTIC new Korean language course. Plus, it’s free! I do like to learn Korean for free!  They offer a free trial, which I have taken, so I’ll keep you in the loop and let you know... read more

KAPS (Korea Animal Protection Society)

For many of us living in Korea, not being around our pets is a terrible thing. Sometimes all we want is some time with our dogs and cats (or whatever other animals you might have back home). Luckily we have been given a way to spend time with animals, even if they are... read more

An update about Hoo Clinic, and their acne treatments.

  There are some great specials at Hoo for what’s left of January and for February. Hoo is being generous as usual! They are offering any of you who visit the clinic before the end of February using “Chris Anderson” as a reference, a free aroma foot spa at Hoo.... read more

Arborvitae forest at Do-dong, Daegu

Another stop on the Daegu stamp trail is the Arborvitae forest at Do-dong. My wife and I went there in late summer and to be honest there wasn’t really much going on over there apart from a quiet forest and a temple (Gwaneumsa) alongside it. Oriental arborvitae... read more

i-to-i TEFL was one of my best choices as a teacher.

One of the most well-known and spoken languages around the world, English is said to be the language of business. With countries reaching out for people who can teach English as a foreign language, it is difficult to think that people are losing out on learning such a... read more

Micro Organic Herb Peel at Hoo Clinic

Here’s a post written by my wife, Serena:  P.S. Please check the bottom of the page for some info on a special Hoo Clinic are running this December, plus some photos I took during the treatment. I have also included some details of the herbs that go in to the... read more

Win! Win a bottle of premium aloe gel

Hoo Oriental Medicine and Wellness Clinic has become the Korean oriental clinic of choice for foreigners living in Daegu. They are about to celebrate their first year of business and after all they have done for my wife and I, we want to help them celebrate and grow... read more

Hiking Daegu’s Mt Apsan

  For anyone living in Korea, you will most likely know that many Koreans are keen on hiking. So keen in fact they have a plethora of hiking stores around town, and you will always be able to find some kind of hiking goods in your Korean town. The main reason for... read more

Handmade Candles In Korea

If you are looking for a great, non-Korean gift for anyone, I found some handmade candles over at Hoo Oriental Clinic (Facebook group here). They are handmade in Swaziland, and are imported into Korea by a company based in Seoul. This company has given Hoo Oriental... read more

Inheung Village

For anyone in Daegu, and also those that are doing the Daegu Stamp Trail, Inheung Village is definitely worth a visit. The Inheung Village (also known as Nampyeong Moon Clan’s original residence) is a very small village on the western fringe of Daegu. It is an active... read more


Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of posting lately! I have been quite busy at work, and I haven’t really found the time to write up any of the stuff I have been meaning to… That being said, I have been doing LOTS of travelling around Daegu these past few... read more

Bunhwangsa temple

Bunhwangsa temple is one of the more peaceful temples in Gyeongju. It is not so “touristy” and is much quieter than Bulguksa Temple.  It is located on the eastern edge of Gyeongju, but is still within easy walking distance from the Gyeongju train station.... read more
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